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Our Pastoral Care Procedure is as follows:

  • Pastoral Case work- That is individual work with pupils who are having problems be it of an academic, vocational, social, emotional or behavioural nature.
  • Pastoral Curriculum- This includes both the ‘hidden curriculum’ that is the ethos of the school, the day today relationships between staff and pupils, the value system of a school, the opportunities for moral, spiritual, social and cultural development as well as the more formal and overt pastoral curriculum, which would include, though not be limited to, the PSHE work whether done by teachers or by subject specialists.
  • Pastoral Control- That is the discipline system in the school that would include the giving of sanctions but is a much wider concept than that. Good discipline, which is consistent, which affirms the pupils’ value, which builds rather than crushes, which encourages individuality rather than dull conformity, but all within an orderly environment, is an essential ingredient of effective pastoral care.